Welcome Titti!

Christmas time is already over… full of new energy, and desperately filled with food 😉 – we are ready to face reality. It is our huge joy to welcome „on board” our special guest of honour – JWW’08, NUCH, SU(u)CH High Score Top Model – the girl we have admired and loved for years, Nutka’s […]

Girls’ rules in Wels (A)

The international show in Wels… … And yes, we finally did it! 🙂 Warm thanks to Beata & Robert for the travel and your wonderful company! However the weather forecast managed to scare us off on Saturday, we bravely decided to take the risk for Sunday, and after a loong journey we safely arrived to […]

Good health news

INTCH Trollängens BLUES MAN “Robin” has been eye-checked today and again found clinically CLEAR of all hereditary eye diseases – at the age of almost 7 years. Definiately a good piece of news, also for all Robin’s children! ********** Below a little darling – DRAGONS DANCE POLKA Tamaam “Polka” – being 5 months old and […]

Slovenia trip’ 2010 :-)

A long, busy weekend is already over, however we still somehow seem to walk in the clouds 🙂 We spent such a lovely time at the Spaniel Specialty & European Dog Show in Slovenia with our dear friends from around the world – thank you all! Today we officialy welcome our youngest hope ‘on board’ […]

A show-weekend in Tulln

We spent the last weekend in Austria, enjoying some very nice meetings with our friends, as well as the general show atmosphere at the show ground in Tulln. Our two young ladies finished with the following results: 25.09.2010 – international show; judge: Mrs. Carina Östmann (S) High Score BLONDES HAVE MORE FUN “Nutka” – exc. […]

New pictures of two little Dragon-lad...

New pictures of two little Dragon-ladies DRAGONS DANCE POLKA Tamaam “Polka” DRAGONS LIKE IT HOT Tamaam “Luna”  

Nutka’s debut in junior class

The national show for dogs of hunting breeds organized at Legnickie Pole definiately confirmed our suspicions – dog shows are a kind of an ‘extreme sport’ 🙂 It was raining cats and dogs for the whole day, we immediately got wet and dirty like real devils, but all of that seemed not to disturb our […]

A piece of news from the Dragons̵...

The little “Dragons” are growing so fast – hard to believe they appeared here just a while ago! They have already started to resemble true springers, both in outlook, and behaviour – making all doggy noises, fooling around on their naughty paws, and eating their first “real food” portions. You are most welcome to visit […]

“Robin” & “Nutk...

We spent a lovely summer Sunday at the national show in Nowa Ruda. The springers were judged by Mrs. Renata Niklasiewicz (Kennel Renmil), and BIS Puppy – by Mrs. Magdalena Kozłowska. High Score Blondes Have More Fun “Nutka” became BOB Puppy, and BIS-4 Puppy in the finals; this time being handled by her BIG love […]