Three weeks have passed since the death of our beloved Trolla. Although at first it was difficult for us to believe it – in a strange way – life goes on… We shed a sea of ​​tears, we survived a period of discouragement, bitterness, and despair. Now we are slowly coming back to the world. […]


It takes us back to brighter years, to happier sunlit days and to precious moments that will be with us always. And these fond recollections are treasured in the heart to bring us always close to those from whom we had to part. There is a bridge of memories from earth to Heaven above… It […]

Robin’s day in Poznań

  The international show in Poznań turned out a great occasion to meet those of our friends and collegues (also not from the ‘springer circle’) whom we have not seen definiately for a too long time. Big thanks to everyone keeping the fingers crossed for us! The springers were judged by Mr. Peter Beyersdorf from […]

Vala – res. CACIB at the WDS!

Ch.PL, Ch.RO, Ch.SK, Jun.Ch.PL, Jun.Ch.H, PL Winner, SK Winner, SK Jun. Winner CHARM US NOW Tamaam “Vala” – CAC & Res. CACIB at the World Dog Show in Bratislava!

Vala in Romania; Pluto in Austria

Some news from the show rings after Ch.PL, Jun.Ch.PL, Jun.Ch.H, Polish Winner CHARM US NOW Tamaam “Vala’s” interesting trip to Arad, Romania: 03. 10 – international show ‘Transylvania Cup’ (judge: Istvan Nagy (Hu) – exc.1, CACIB, Transylvania Winner, BOB 04.10 – international show ‘Open Romania’ (judge: Dr Roberto Schill (Ro) – exc.1, CACIB, BOB. Vala […]

Bajka’s day in Wrocław

  The international show in Wrocław happened to be a very pleasant event for our team. We spent a wonderful time with our two-and-four-legged friends sitting under the beautiful automn sun and chatting about many springer matters 🙂 ESS were judged by Mr Christen Lang from Norway, and the results were very nice for all […]

CWC Zielona Góra

Again a very nice day for our girls at the show in Zielona Góra (judges: BOB – E. Fengler, PL; BIG – M. Wytyk, PL). Winterwater Creek’s DANCING QUEEN “Bajka” – exc.1, CWC – she began her way for the PL Champion title. CH Trollängens MADE TO PLEASURE “Trolla” – exc.1, CWC, BOB, BIG-3 It […]

Vala in Przemyśl

Ch.PL, Jun.Ch.PL, Jun.Ch.H, Polish Winner CHARM US NOW Tamaam „Vala”, – exc.1, CWC, BOB & BIG at the national show in Przemyśl (judge: M. Wytyk, PL) Again – BIG congratulations Girls 🙂

Bajka & Trolla in Wels (A)

20 – 24 August 2009 Four days of our well deserved holidays….However, very busy ones this time. By the way – big thanks to the brave Grandparents who took such a great care of our dearest Little Man! 🙂 Coming back to the “doggy” news – we spent a wonderful weekend in Austria, taking part […]