New Tamaam homepage!


We have sacrifised the last few months working over a challenging project – transferring the Tamaam homepage into a new shape. As close to our hearts as the old one, however fulfilling all the requirements of the modern web reality.  

After a long reflection, and despite the size of this intention – I eventually decided to copy the entire archive of the last eleven years, showing our actual virtual existence .
On the contrary to all modern ideas that put a stress on the importance of the moment, on the importance of only “here and now”, I believe that it is significant to settle the breeding work within the broadest possible time frame, to show the continuity but also the transformation of certain ideas and programs.

 In personal terms, I see it as a kind of a diary, a record of the most important moments of the last decade.

The notes of a passion that we devoted half our lives to.

We are thankful to Agnieszka and Miłosz (Websites for Breeders) for all the work, patience, help and reliability.

You are the BEST!


We would also like to welcome aboard TENDERNESS Tamaam aka “Asia”, co – owned by Debby de Graaf.

We hope for a wonderful common adventure!

TENDERNESS Tamaam “Asia”
/JunCh., PL Jun.Winner Glamorly GINNIE THE POOH x CH. NASTURCJA Tamaam/